PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Alexandria Hunter and Kourtney Ramsey are creating a new vibe in the central Illinois event industry.

“We both are passionate about doing like event planning, bringing events together, creating experiences for people,” said Ramsey. “So, we just came together and created Beauty & Beast Event Co.”

Located in Downtown Peoria, Beauty & Beast Event Co. is a three part concept: Ramsey owns GK Beauty LLC where she focuses on natural skincare and making candles. Hunter owns Kay’s Customs LLC where she makes epoxy resin home décor, makeup sets and candle holders. But with Beauty & Beast Event Co., the two are joining forces to bring their separate products into the same shop, while also hosting events. 

Ramsey said, “She was so excited about her business and I’m excited about my own business, so it just makes sense for us to come together. So I reached out to her and I was like, ‘Hey girl!’”

The two connected after Ramsey’s plans for flight attendant school took a turn.

“The pandemic hit and then I got sent home from there, and so I had to figure out what I was going to do,” Ramsey said. “So, I couldn’t get a job. You know, so I decided to go into business for myself.”

Then, Ramsey started GK Beauty LLC, while Hunter created her products for Kay’s Customs LLC.

Hunter said, “I started buying her product when she first came back [to Peoria]. But we didn’t know each other. And so that just started our friendship.”

The former strangers turned business partners are now close friends.

The intimate space of Beauty & Beast Event Co. opened in early April, serving as host to candle pour parties. The events offer opportunities for artistry, creativity and community building.

“And people literally tell us like, ‘Oh we love y’all! Like we love the vibe. We love what y’all do, trying to bring people together and just do something different that you know really isn’t here anymore.’ You know, we’re trying to bring life back.”

Alexandria Hunter

“You never know who like who you’re going to meet. You establish relationships and connections with people. So that’s the most exciting part about doing the events here in Peoria,” said Ramsey.

While the goal is to grow their company, the two say they hope the community support will stay the same.

“I definitely love it, honestly,” said Hunter. “It definitely heats my heart just to see people come out and support us individually and together.”

Beauty & Beast Event Co. is located at 621 SW Commercial Alley. The next candle pour party will be April 30. Ticket sales will close April 24.