PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Bob Baker considers himself the “Seasoning King.” He is a retired chef with decades of experience.

“I started in the restaurant business at Nino’s Steak Roundup in the Metro Centre in the 70s. I became a cook shortly after and I’ve just run with it,” Baker said. “I became a chef; I trained in Houston. I came back to Peoria and worked at Ravina on the Lakes where I really got a good start.”

A setback put Baker into early retirement, but he wasn’t ready to hang up his chef’s coat, so from there he created 5Angels Seasonings LLC and More.

“This is really based on the passion of cooking. I can’t do that in the restaurant anymore, so I can do this,” Baker said.

Baker’s slogan is “waking up your taste buds one tongue at a time” and he has four seasonings on the market to choose from that include, “Heavenly Touch,” “Beef It Up,” “Red’s Rub,” and “That’s Hot!”

The seasonings are currently available in the Popcorn Shoppe at Peoria’s Metro Centre and at Alwan and Sons Meat Company in Peoria Heights.

You can find Baker in the kitchen at the East Bluff Community creating his original flavors.

I come in here and spend maybe four or five hours. I blend everything, I put them on sheet trays, and I put them in the oven for about 15 minutes. I blend them, I grind them, sift them and then bottle them all by myself.

Bob Baker

Baker said his family and friends have been his biggest motivation to launch his company.

He has a few goals for his company which include forming a small business non-profit to help those without housing get off the street and as a die-hard Cubs fan, Baker wants to become the official seasoning company for Wrigley Field. He said he has plans to go to Chicago to meet with stakeholders later this year.

You can reach Bob Baker at