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Nikki Wenselspratt taught for 21 years, when she was ready for a change. 

“Within the last year I decided it was time for me to move on, and the Salt Cave experience was the one thing I could think of that I really loved” said Wenzelspratt.

So she opened a salt cave of her own, similar to ones she enjoyed hours away.  

“A lot of people feel like their salt lamps help them, but you come and sit in a session, they equate that to about 3 days at the beach. So you are- you are just taking in that much salt in a short period of time, that’s why it’s so beneficial, just like that, you notice a difference” said Wenzelspratt.

The room is unique in that it pumps in high quality, microscopic salt particles for your body to asborb.

“Himalayan salt, it gives us negative ions, and we are surrounded by postitive ions all- all day long from our cell phones, our laptops, our computers. And so  when you come and sit in a session like this, you are actually allowing your body to become balanced.”

Wenzelspratt said you can feel your ailments improve when you’re surrounded by – and literally inhaling different types of Himalayan salt. 

“Asthma, COPD, sinuses, allergies, colds, so people are already noticing that they’re seeing some relief.”

A beautiful atmosphere, with a beautiful message: To promote wellness and self-healing. 

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