Open for Business: Unique birthday gift sparks business idea for Tremont woman

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TREMONT, Ill. (WMBD) – Camie Risinger has an eye for interior design. She credits her parents and a unique gift she was given for sparking her interest.

“From childhood, I was given the ability on kind of significant milestone birthdays to re-do my room. So it was kind of like a birthday gift,” Risinger said. “Those things that I was taught at such a young age, stuck.”

“Even though I couldn’t articulate it then at that age, I knew like spaces matter. How it makes you feel matters.”

camie risinger

She said that space for creativity fueled something in her. That’s why she started her business, LuxeWise.

“We say, ‘Okay, let’s take an assessment of everything you have, all the things that you love, you for sure want to use and then find the gaps.’ What do we need to purchase then to make this space work efficiently for you?” said Risinger.

While LuxeWise originally started as a blog, now Risinger shares the gift she was given with others. She helps her clients create spaces that make them feel comfortable. She said trust plays a major role in the work she does. 

“You could have the best idea. You could have, you know, mood boards that look like magazines,” said Risinger. “But if they don’t trust you and there’s not that working relationship there, then it’s really hard to get to that end goal.”

“I want people confident. I want people loving their things and their spaces so that they can love people well in those spaces.”

camie risinger

Risinger said her goal is for her clients to ultimately be self-sufficient incorporating the interior design techniques she teaches on their own. 

“Ultimately what I would love for my clients to be able to do is to be able to take all of the things that we’ve done together and then to be able to keep doing it on their own. And I know a lot of people are like, ‘That is a horrible business model.’ But I really feel like, ‘Hey, these are my shoulders. Climb on them.’”

Said the idea started when she became a mother and she was looking for more ways to express her creativity. So she and her friend started blogging (repurposing furniture, fashion, cosmetic)

For more information about LuxeWise, visit the website.

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