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Opioid distributors respond as Pekin files suit

PEKIN, Ill - Cities like Pekin are joining 10 other cities across the state in a suit against manufacturers, distributors and prescribers.

“These 3 groups of defendants engaged in a conservative efforts to inundate and over-prescribe Opioids for treatment that was not needed,” said Attorney Alfred Murray.

The cities believe these companies care more about sales instead of safety.

“We have evidence that we've cited in our lawsuit,” said Murray. “Related to a years long campaign to increase in Opioid sales by misrepresenting their risks and benefits.”

Healthcare Distribution Alliance isn’t listed in the suit, however they don’t believe companies should be held accountable saying it takes a collaborative effort.

WMBD obtained a statement from the company Monday saying, "Those bringing lawsuits would be better served addressing the root causes, rather than trying to redirect blame through litigation."

But Pekin residents like Brea Green think companies need to be held accountable.

“Some people do need it but it should be a lot more closely monitored than it is,” said Green.

The Pekin residents says not only the manufacturers and distributors, but physicians play a part as well in this crisis as well.

“If you think about it a lot of the Opioid addictions start in a doctor’s office,” Green continued, “They’re trying to save lives, but at the same time they’re actually hurting them.”

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