OSF asks for blood donations as supply declines over holiday weekend

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PEORIA, Ill. — “Being in this situation to where you don’t know if your kid is going to live… you literally see them bleeding out, and you feel helpless. Having the resources there, for us, was a Godsend,” said mother Lisa Fenwick. 

Fenwick is describing a desperate moment when she had to rush her son to the hospital. JJ’s rare condition meant he needed an emergency blood transfusion. 

“Without that blood, we would have lost him,” said Fenwick.  

Donor relations consultant with Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center Cassandra Schoonover encourages all healthy people to come out and donate.

“Because the supply at OSF is so large, you most likely are going to be helping out neighbor friends, somebody local that you know,” said Schoonover.

OSF HealthCare is always in need of donations, but the official last weekend of summer poses additional challenges. Schoonover said.

The Hospital anticipates about a twenty percent decline in donors over the holiday weekend. According to Schoonover, even though the supply goes down, demand does not. 

 “There’s still cancer patients, trauma, all of those things that require blood products and that doesn’t change over the holiday weekend,” said Schoonover.

Fenwick explains why she decided to donate blood. “I was that mom that stood by their child’s bedside and just prayed and was tired, but also strong for the rest of her family. Just to make sure that everyone else was calm. I did it for that mom, because I was that mom,” Fenwick said. 

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