OSF Healthcare Children’s Hospital of Illinois is teaching children the importance of exercise

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PEORIA, Ill. — Summer is here, which means its time to put down the electronic devices and get active. On Thursday the OSF Healthcare Children’s Hospital of Illinois hosted a kickoff summer event to show families new ways to have fun.

“Our parents used to get us up and out,” Steven Starks, Event coordinator. “It was raining yesterday but today the sun is shining so we have to get them up and get them active.

Event organizers say children are at a higher risk than adults for diabetes, one way to prevent it is exercise.

“We start them out young and I know that kids are our future,” said Starks. “If we start them out young, talking about healthy eating, they are less likely to be in a sedintary lifestyle. We just need to make fitness fun.”

Making it fun was exactly what they did on Thursday, organizers say excercising can be a bit intimidating when you’re on your own but doing it with friends and family makes it easier.

“If she can do it, he can do it, we can do it also, ” said Vernon Thomas, Event Organizer. “It’s a boost builder, confidence builder.”

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