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PEORIA, Ill.– “Up here we get a lot of puzzles and problem solving and it really challenges you to take that critical thinking to the next step.” said Adam Stocksiek, Charge Nurse at OSF Saint Francis Surgical ICU.

Last month, Washington State Senator, Maureen Walsh, said in a heated argument that nurses play cards for a considerable amount of the day. In the following days, more than 650,000 people signed online petitions demanding she shadow a nurse for a 12-hour shift, and OSF Saint Francis Medical Center is backing those people up.

“It’s busy. It’s start the ground running,” said Stocksiek. “We get report in the morning and we look up all of our patients charts, I’ll look up all of our labs, order, I’ll get a good feel for the unit as a whole.” 

But, it’s not just all pen and paper. They’re constantly working together to find the best solution for their patients.

“When we do rounds with our physicans, the bedside nurse will come through with the physican and sit through rounds with them so that the nurse has an input and a say with almost everything.” said Ben Coyer, Charge Nurse at OSF Saint Francis Surgical ICU.

So the hard work shows, and stems back to why they chose the profession in the first place. 

“Nursing gives me that ability to really make a difference in people’s lives, but also get to be a part of some very cutting edge science and critical care. Nursing really drives some of the new innovation that we have in healthcare,” said Coyer.

“It’s a difficult job at times admittedly, and we work hard. Ultimately it’s about achieving those quality outcomes and getting our patients back home,” said Stocksiek.

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