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Otter Pup born at Wildlife Prairie Park

Hanna City, IL - On the evening of March 18th, a new otter pup said hello to the world at Wildlife Prairie Park. Mother, Annie, is staying close to her pup and giving it lots of attention!

Both mother and baby are healthy and staying in their den. The den is a safe place to keep the pup for nursing and cuddling until it is old enough to open its eyes.

The Park is expecting the pup to make its first public appearance come summertime.

Four-year-old parents, Annie and Oakley have called the park home for nearly their entire lives. They love to play in their yard and often run over to the fence line when guests approach. The duo has become a favorite among both young and old visitors.

The whole family is healthy but adults may be out of sight taking care of their newborn. Updates will be posted to the Wildlife Prairie Park Facebook page and website.

Wildlife Prairie Park is a 501c3 not for profit 1,800-acre zoological park located just 10 miles west of Peoria, IL in Hanna City.  The Park’s mission encompasses conservation, education, and recreation development in this unique habitat in the Midwest.

The photo of the pup nursing is taken by Elly Cowan, Naturalist at the Park. 

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