UPDATE (9:14 p.m.) Woodford County Board has voted to terminate Tim Abney’s contract immediately with written notice.

PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– The saga of Kiki the beauty salon cat continues as her owner has formally filed a lawsuit against Tim Abney of Woodford County Animal Control and the Peterson Veterinary Clinic.

According to court documents obtained by WMBD, plaintiff Sarah Keim is being represented by the James Kelly Law Firm.

The lawsuit is the result of an ongoing dispute regarding Kiki, the cat who had been living in the salon after being rescued by Keim.

Approximately six weeks later, Kiki was taken from the store, euthanized, and beheaded.

Kiki had reportedly bitten and or scratched a client. Keim claims the cat was then taken by Abney to be immediately put down and tested for rabies.

Keim claims Abney lied to the vet regarding Kiki’s status, claiming she was a stray.

You can read the full lawsuit here,