Parents praise OSF facility offering long term care for children with complex medical disorders

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Leo Trost is diagnosed with a rare brain disorder.

“He needs 24 hour a week care due to his diagnosis,” said his mother Kate Trost.

Leo’s consistent 24 hour care can sometimes make it tough for his parents to focus on Leo and their other 2 young children.

However, OSF’s medical facility “Almost Home Kids” says they’re here to help parents.

“Parents can come, they can bring their child for 24 hours up to 2 weeks,” said Jennifer Shinnick, Director of Almost Home Kids. “We’ll take care of them while they get some errands done or go on vacation.”

Last weekend, Leo was welcomed at Almost Home with open arms.

“It was great to focus on the other kids for the weekend while [Leo] was having a good time here,” Trost said.

A vacation that would’ve been difficult with the loads of equipment, constant care, and feeding tube he requires.

“I outlined his plan of care for [the nurses] and it was clear that they studied it before I got here,” said Trost. “This is what the nurses do everyday.”

Parents that don’t have insurance coverage also have options. The burden of this costly care is made possible in part thanks to funding from private donors.

“The daily cost of is right about $900 dollars per day,” said Shinnick. “So this is something that is truly important to the people that don’t have the insurance benefits to cover it.”

Almost Home Kids has only been open for about 3 months and is the third of its kind in the country. Those looking for more information on the program can click here.

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