PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A new ‘Path of Hope’ is under construction at Illinois CancerCare in Peoria.

Illinois CancerCare Foundation leaders are sponsoring the tribute garden in honor of the foundation’s 20th year. Foundation Director Tonda Thompson said anyone can support the garden and dedicate benches, pavers, and plaques, in honor of loved ones, at the space too.

Thompson also said there is going to be a ‘Survivor’s Circle’ with a celebration bell.

“This will be a beautiful space for people to celebrate and be with their loved ones physically on campus. We also want to invite people to just celebrate milestones with their loved ones,” said Thompson.

She said the ‘Path of Hope’ is a place for family, friends, and patients to spend time.

“When people getting treatment or their loved ones are waiting for them, they can come out to this special place and enjoy some peace, some serenity, some calming celebration, and relaxation,” said Thompson.

The tribute garden is set to open this fall.