PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — In the coming days, dozens of Peoria streets will see improvements to their pavement.

Roadwork is scheduled to begin Wednesday, Aug. 25, as part of the Public Works Department’s 2021 Pavement Restoration Program.

The project will include sealcoating, an asphalt pavement protection and maintenance technique that fills in surface damage and provides a protective layer to keep UV rays, fluids, and water from damaging the pavement.

Staff with the Public Works Department says the upgrades allows for better roads, while remaining cost-effective.

“Any time we can expand the lifespan of a road just through this type of maintenance it basically saves us money because we’re not restoring the entire road, or doing any sort of major reconstruction, or any sort of mill and overlay,” said Alex Williams, communications specialist for Peoria Public Works Department.

During this time, drivers will have limited access to roads, but traffic signs will be placed in the appropriate areas until the work is completed in a week.

To find out which roads will be worked on, visit this link, and click on “Pavement Restoration.”