Pedal for Parkinson’s raises awareness and educates the public

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Peoria residents had a chance to pedal their way through to support a good cause. Pedal for Parkinson’s is a fundraising event that raises awareness for Parkinson’s disease. This was hosted by the Central Illinois Parkinson’s Support Group in an effort to educate the public about this condition through talks from health professionals.

“Basically with Parkinson’s, exercise is a key to actually help keep the disease from progressing as fast. So I’m doing a fundraiser. I used the pedal and that way people come and ride the exercise bike to get the exercise,”said Roger Halleen, Leader of Central IL Parkinson’s Support Group. 

Halleen also said that often times those with Parkinson’s tend to want to stay home more often so this event gave them the opportunity to get out of their home and be active.

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