‘Pedestrians in Peoria’ on a mission to walk all of the city’s streets encourage others to get outside, go for a walk

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PEORIA, Ill (WMBD) — Under Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s stay at home order, essential services and activities are still allowed including taking walks, going on hikes, running, and biking.

On Tuesday, Mary Hosbrough and Jennifer Jacobsen-Wood, two Peorians and life-long friends, began a walk down Perry Avenue in downtown Peoria.

“We’ve lived here, in this area, for all of lives, and there’s still streets I know I’ve never driven down,” said Jacobsen-Wood.

For them, walking is a hobby and they’re currently working to walk all of Peoria. Now, it’s something they think more people can do while social distancing and isolating.

“It’s a really fun way to learn about the city and the history of the city,” said Hosbrough.

Known as the Pedestrians in Peoria, the pair is walking all of the city’s 1,645 streets.

“We have finished 362 streets which is like 22.61 percent of the city,” said Jacobsen-Wood.

And now, their hobby is more of an outlet than ever before.

“I would go completely stir crazy in my house,” said Jacobsen-Wood.

Walking and other outdoor activities are considered essential under the state’s stay at home order.

“This gives a more balanced perspective and you get to see the beautiful flowers or wave to a person and it’s not just gloom and doom,” said Hosbrough.

They think everyone can benefit from taking walks and getting outside.

“It really gives you, even though you can’t go close to people, a feeling a little mentally that you’re a little bit closer,” said Jacobsen-Wood.

And it’s possible to go on walks and do other outdoor activities while maintaining social distancing, isolating, and quarantining.

Hosbrough and Jacobsen-Wood document their walks, routes, and things they see along the way on their Facebook page.

The pair started trying to walk all of Peoria in December 2019 and say their goal is to see everything in Peoria.

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