PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — Pekin City Council on Monday voted five to one to rescind an unpopular snow ordinance.

Passed in August, the city ordinance required residents to clear snow higher than two inches off sidewalks within 48 hours after streets were plowed. If residents failed to comply, they were subject to warnings and fines up to $250.

The ordinance was met with pushback from many residents and was not enforced during December’s snowstorm.

Mayor Pro Tempore Becky Cloyd said the council was initially under the impression they had to pass the ordinance to meet ADA requirements.

“But since that time, we have learned it was not necessary to have this ordinance on the books in order to be ADA compliant. To me there is no reason to keep this ordinance on the books, if it isn’t necessary for ADA compliance. Why put an undue burden on our residents, lets rescind this ordinance and respect the wishes of our community,” she said.

Councilman John Abel said they were led to believe they were the “only non-complaint community.”

“That was an outright lie. The people pushing the ordinance knew it was not true, and we were misled,” he said.

The amended ordinance reverts back to requiring only businesses to clear snow off sidewalks.