PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — Contractors continued to remove debris from the collapsed Pekin Township building early Monday as questions still remain about the structure’s future.

John Dossey, Pekin’s police chief and the city’s interim city manager, said he had not yet “received a full update from the Chief Building official as of yet as he is on scene with the contractor.”

“I believe that the township is having another emergency meeting in the next day or so, so plans moving forward I am sure will be discussed,” he said.

The building, parts of which were built in the mid-to-late 1800s, had two walls collapse last week. The west-facing wall first fell on Wednesday afternoon and then the south-facing fall fell down the following day.

Pekin officials closed streets while crews made sure the structure was safe for the time being as well as to remove debris. The second collapse took down some power lines as well.

Township Supervisor Shannon Saal told WMBD-TV last week that she had hoped for the building, which has been used as a car dealership in the past, would be usable this week and serving meals to seniors by this coming Friday.

But with the secondary collapse, that could be pushed back or the building could be deemed too far gone. It wasn’t immediately clear what the township planned to do.

Townships across the state provide general assistance to people who need help with rent, food and other essential services. It also provides meal programs and emergency assistance to people who suffer a sudden change in their life.