Pekin community hoping to win a Kraft Foods competition to remodel ice rink

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The Pekin community is participating in a Kraft Foods contest that can potentially give them up $150,000.

If they win, these funds will be used to upgrade and improve the Pekin Memorial Arena, which serves the hockey community there.

Families make it out to the arena for some quality time and it has become a place to mingle with the community.

“Our AC system is outdated. We need a lot of work done in here. I think the kids have earned it. We’ve been around 6 years now. When I started with the organization we had two teams and I think now we have close to 100 players,” said Brandon Skocaj, a Pekin Resident.

As part of the contest… The community is asked to post about why they need the funds on the kraft hockeyville website:

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