PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — The Pekin City Council voted to censure Council Member Lloyd Orrick regarding an ethics ordinance violation Wednesday.

The council passed the censure five to two, with council members Orrick and Hilst voting against it.

Council Member Hohimer made several reports of sexual harassment against Orrick including taking her phone without consent and saying things that made Hohimer feel disrespected.

Orrick apologized to Hohimer during the meeting.

“I am making a public apology again, as I did in mid-November, to council member Karen Hohimer, and a community member. I make that apology because on Monday, Nov. 8, during the public input portion of the city council meeting, I made an inappropriate comment about a community member and Mrs. Hohimer. My remark offended Karen Hohimer and this community member. I wrote a personal apology to Karen Hohimer and the community member. I was grateful and humble when the community member publicly acknowledged my apology. There have been statements and actions attributed to me that I believe are inaccurate. I do apologize for any statement that I have made to council member Hohimer that she felt was inappropriate, and believes negatively impacted her. I never intentionally meant to embarrass or make anyone feel disrespected. I accept responsibility for playing a part in causing this situation, in the hope of putting this situation behind us, and we can all move forward. I also apologize to Mayor Luft and the rest of the council members, the City of Pekin staff, and the citizens of Pekin for this negative distraction from the important work we are doing. Notwithstanding the outpouring of public support for me, I am sorry for this situation, and please be assured I will continue to work representing the citizens of the Pekin community. I am sorry and ask forgiveness, and forgiveness for everyone involved.”

Pekin Council Member Lloyd Orrick

Hohimer accepted the apology.

“Mr. Orrick I graciously accept your apology, whether you intentionally or unintentionally said the things that you said to me. You don’t know my history, you don’t know my past. The things that you said to me hurt me deeply. I tried to be kind to you, I asked you to stop, I turned away from you, I spoke to other people, I walked away from you. You did not stop, and I don’t care what your family or any of your friends say, you know what you said. I sat here listening to you week after week… You need to know who you’re talking to and what you’re saying to them before you say it. Lesson learned.”

Pekin Council Member Karen Hohimer

Orrick will be removed from his position as Mayor Pro Tem, be allowed to resign from his position as chair of the City Council’s Infrastructure Committee, and have to pay a fine to a nonprofit organization of his choosing.

More information and the full meeting is available on the City of Pekin’s website.