Pekin leaders are exploring boundaries on the legalization of weed

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PEKIN, Ill — As Illinois communities prepare for the legalization of weed, leaders in Pekin are starting the conversation.

Pekin’s legal team is reviewing all the information involved with setting laws and boundaries on marijuana.
Mayor Mark Luft says this is new territory and several details still need to be worked out.
The mayor also said, he is yet to receive any negative comments about the city allowing sales.

“Communities are gonna be split anyway. You’re going to have people in your community who want this, that don’t. We have to look at where the city benefits revenue wise, we want to make sure our community stays safe,” said Mayor Luft.

The city’s top leader also made a comment about the concern of keeping a positive Pekin image.

“I do not want the perception out there that Pekin is a marijuana town. But, there’s other aspects of it that want the tax payers to know we’re utilizing every opportunity we can to generate revenue for our community without raising taxes

Pekin city council is holding a meeting on Monday night to discuss implications of putting ordinances in place.

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