Pekin city leaders are headed back to the drawing board after Monday’s council meeting

Officials say they want to consider new options before implementing another tax.

A potential gas tax, along with an electrical or natural gas utility tax was on the table Monday.

City Manager Mark Rothert says the city needs $4 million a year to maintain Pekin’s roads.

The city is also spending 2.8 million in 2019 alone on police and fire pensions, that cost is only expected to increase.

Infrastructure and first responder pension burdens are the reason why leaders propose increased taxes.

“These taxes being proposed are just options to address the two main issues.” said Rothert. “The pension issue and the need for greater infrastructure repair.”

However after hearing from residents, leaders tabled the final decision on the proposed taxes. Council members said they want explore all options before making a final decision.

We’ll continue to follow this as leaders debate a possible resolution.