PEKIN, Ill (WMBD) — A Pekin man is honored for stepping up in a scary situation and saving a woman’s life.

Jerry Lee Murphy Wiles, 24, said he never met the woman he saved but is grateful to have made a difference in her life.

“God sent me that way for a reason,” said Murphy Wiles.

Murphy Wiles remembers saving the woman’s life back in August.

Jerry Lee Murphy Wiles was walking toward the bus stop when he heard a cry for help from a nearby home.

“So, I stopped, I was listening, I was watching, I was thinking, ‘Oh no, that’s not someone yelling for help.’ Then I heard someone banging on the window,” said Wiles.

Murphy wiles realized he needed to move quick to save a life.

“I couldn’t get in the house so I called 911 and they said what happened. I told them that they fell,” said Wiles.

Advanced Medical Transport Community Resource Manager, Josh Bradshaw, honored Murphy Wiles on Friday for being a hero.

“When a community member steps up and performs such a heroic deed. We like to celebrate that, that’s one of the best days we can have around here is when we can meet with a community member that did something so extraordinary,” said Bradshaw.

“I know I’m a hero because I help out the people, I care for the people,” said Murphy Wiles.

Wiles said in the end, he is glad there was a positive outcome.

“She probably felt like she was gonna die. It felt to me like, if I didn’t help this lady and I would have walked away, she probably would have passed out and died,” said Murphy Wiles.

Bradshaw said this scenario could be a lesson for doing the right thing at the right time, even for a stranger.