PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — Eileen Bingham, a Pekin native, turned 100 years old on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

“Geez, she’s 90 or 100, we’ll see what goes on now,” said Bingham, but how she feels? “Tired! I don’t feel any different. What can I say, I’m just glad to make it.”

Cedarhurst Assisted Living Facility, where Bingham has lived the last five years, even helped her enjoy the special day.

“What did they do when you walked into the dining room this morning,” asked Kim Swise, director of sales for Cedarhurst. Bingham sang, “Happy birthday to you! [They] clapped, I knew that was going to happen.”

Bingham’s son, Patrick Bingham, came from out of state to enjoy the day with her and told WMBD reporters about all the men in Eileen’s life: two sons, two grandsons, and only male great-grandchildren.

What her son will remember most was Bingham telling her kids to work hard, just like she did. “If it wasn’t us, it was the church and school,” said Patrick Bingham.

Her message to everybody is to accept the environment around you.

“You’re going to have to live through change, so that’s the way I feel.”

Bingham told her son she was not going to accept any gifts unless it was a box of tissues, and she said that humor stems from being German and Irish, which is also the key to living to 100 years old.