UPDATE (9:01 p.m.) WMBD has obtained multiple complaints directed to former City Manager Bruce Marston which stem back to 2019 from FOIA.

The most recent complaints include sexual comments about female employees and an overly abusive demeanor making for a hostile work environment.

Quotes from the complaints include;

“At this time, (name redacted) stepped into the room to try and defuse the situation and try to explain how the one-time accidental issue may have occurred. Bruce interrupted (name redacted) and would not let him speak all the while continuing to raise his voice aggressively and point at everyone he was talking down to. Bruce was so visibly mad that his hands were shaking throughout this entire interaction.”

“He (Marston) asked me what connection was to her and if I had dated her husband. I was caught off guard and said I have dated no one except my husband of 35 years.”

PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — John Dossey, the Police Chief for the City of Pekin, has been appointed interim city manager until at least July 24. This comes after former interim city manager Bruce Marston was removed after an investigation. Allegations have not been made public yet.

City Council member John Abel said that Chief Dossey is a good placeholder while they search for a more permanent solution.

“He knows Pekin and he’s well-respected, and to me, he’s a great communicator, and I think in the interim he’ll do a good job, he knows it isn’t a permanent job and we’re still looking and he’s going to help get us through that process to get a new, permanent, city manager,” Abel said.

Dossey’s interim term is scheduled to last until July 24. However, City Mayor Mary Burress said that they can extend it if need be. She is confident that they will find a city manager before then, though.

“I’m headhunting, looking for good city managers, I have three wonderful applicants, I challenged the commissioners last night to do the same, to look for good applicants so we can move this city forward and get things finalized,” Burress said.

Abel and Burress both commend Dossey for helping the city in such a large way.

“True leadership has been shown, and I think that’s what this city needs, we have been lacking good leadership and I think this is a major step forward,” Burress said.

This is the second time the position has been filled recently, as Mark Rothert was fired from the position in October of last year.