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Pekin residents are getting evicted

PEKIN, Ill. - Multiple residents of a Pekin home turned apartment are being evicted this weekend after calling the city inspections department. The residents claim the apartment was in bad shape but the landlord was doing nothing to fix it. The city inspectors then went to the home and were disturbed by the shape the apartment was in.

"We received two calls from tenants yesterday," said Anthony Carson, Pekin City Manager. "Our inspectors went out to the building and found numerous code violations that made the property uninhabitable."

The inspectors placed notices on the door and issued an evacuation statement. However, upon talking to some of the tenants the city decided to give the residents time to find a place to stay before kicking them out. The landlord of the building claims he had no idea the building was "uninhabitable" because the tenants did not tell him there was anything wrong.

"There is some damage, absolutely," says Kenneth Maloney, Landlord. "But when damage occurs in a unit they have to let me know. They cant wait three to four months down the road and call me and think everything is going to be perfect."

Right now the accusations are back and forth but Maloney is scheduled to appear in court later this month. In the mean time the residents will be moving out and finding a new place of residence.

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