PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — Central Illinois Healthy Community Alliance hosted another meeting to inform people about a proposed underground CO2 pipeline. Wednesday’s meeting was held at the Pekin Public Library where residents were vocal about not wanting a pipeline in their area. This is the same pipeline proposed to run through the southside of Peoria.

During the meeting, the Alliance brainstormed with residents on how to reach more people with information. They also advised residents to not sign any voluntary easements. Signing a voluntary easement means a resident will take a payment and grant the developer right of way.

Richard Huse is a South Pekin resident who received a letter from the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) about the proposed pipeline. He said based on his understanding of the letter that if the developer does not get the number of easements they want they will seek to enforce eminent domain.

Huse has not made a decision yet but said he his leaning towards not supporting the pipeline which is proposed to be a mile and half from his house.

“Seeing all the information that we had here tonight, I’m not really happy about it going to be this close,” said Huse. “There’s a lot of dangerous situations that could happen. It’s just not a good situation for any of the people of this area.”

The Central Illinois Healthy Community Alliance will speak at the Tazewell County Board meeting on August 30. Leaders with Wolf Carbon Solutions, the company proposing the plans, said they’ve turned in the application to the ICC in June.