Pekin Salvation Army opens brand new worship Center

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PEKIN, Ill.–The Pekin Salvation Army is celebrating the opening of its brand new worship center.

The $60,000 project took the last few months to complete and now the organization is ready to open its doors to those who want to attend church Sunday mornings.

The worship center is located at 243 Derby St. in Pekin. It’s church services will be Sundays at 10 a.m.

“It’s more than just a chapel. It’s a place a family meets where we can unload a lot of those burdens that the world puts on our shoulders. It’s a place to meet new friends. It’s a place to be a part of something that may be bigger than yourself,” said Lt. Brandon Lewis of the Salvation Army.

“We have a brand new state of the art sound system. We have brand new televisions. We’ve really put attention to making it feel like someone’s home. Because it is your home. When you come in here, you meet with my wife and I, we’re the lead pastors. You talk with our leaders here at the church and people who come to church here,” Lt. Lewis said.

“You’re treated like family. We’ve designed this space with that in mind that you can feel like you’re a part of someone’s family, and you are,” Lt. Lewis said.

The $60,000 was raised by specific donors who built trust funds and estates specifically for building projects in Pekin.

The Salvation Army’s denomination is called Salvationist.

“The history of the Salvation Army, in the 19th Century, we came from Methodism.  If you’re familiar with the Methodist church or even broader Protestant denominations, a lot of the look, feel, belief and practice that you might be familiar with, if you are a church-goer, that will be pretty familiar to you,” Lt. Lewis said.

“If you’re not a church-goer and you’re coming for the first time, you’re trying to reconnect with God or you just have questions you want to ask, I’d like to think the Salvationist denomination across the world in over 150 countries is non-intimidating, it’s friendly, it’s warm and welcome,” said Lt. Lewis.

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