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People are getting into the holiday spirit by looking for that perfect Christmas tree

TRIVOLI - As people continue getting into the holiday spirit this weekend, they are starting to look for Christmas trees.

Emily Grady is the Co-Owner of Grady’s Tree Farm. She says, "This was the early 1950s, they were coming out with the first conservation packages and my husband brought home all of the left overs and they planted them out in the Northeast corner of the farm. Low and behold the neighbors sort of arrived and said, '"You have Christmas trees. Can we cut one?"' In 1955 we actually sold the first Christmas trees."

The Grady tree farm has been selling trees for 62 years, but here, It's not just about buying the perfect tree, it's about the experience.

Grady says, "We realized a long time ago, that's what we were selling. We were selling Christmas trees that made people feel good." Martin Franken says, "It's one thing to go to a lot, it's another to just come out with the family and just enjoy it. It kind of says Christmas."

The Franken family has been cutting down their own Christmas trees for 25 years. John Franken says, "It needs to be like tall enough that it's not like short, and it needs to be short enough that it's not like, (brother cuts in) so that you can get it through the door."

They’ve done this so much in fact, they've gotten it down to a science.

Bonnie Farrel says, "Grandma brings the Kleenex and if we find a special tree I stuff a piece of Kleenex in it so that we don't lose it along our pathway to find that tree, but that's our marking system, so it works."

Once they've found a tree they can all agree on, it's time to take it home and decorate. The tree serves as a reminder of their family fun all season long.

Bonnie says, "It's the fun of searching for that tree okay. We all laugh and we all have fun, but we all come together and it's just a special time together, it's a special trip."

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