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People are helping to capture the look of the Peoria's Warehouse District

PEORIA, Ill - Enticing Peorian's to get involved with the arts River City Labs is encouraging you to seek out challenges in our community while also pushing for preservation by holding a “Warehouse District Photo Walk Challenge” Sunday.

Jay Babin says, "We did this photo walk basically. We were giving a bunch of these cheap cameras. I bought a bunch of film and handed out cameras, let people go walk through the warehouse district."

Sarah krieger participated on the photo hunt with her friend Erica Sher. She says, "It was a lot of fun. It was really unique." Sher says, "I'm glad we got to do film, because you don't really see what pictures you took."

Babin says, "The idea is once we get them back, we'll try to create a mural out of it and there's also going to be a photo contest based off of 10 different categories that I had." "The categories were just kind of random. For instance the first category was take a selfie. The reason why I came up with that is I had no idea how I was going to match the film with the people who hand the cameras back to me."

Krieger: says, "The selfie was really weird, because I don't think we did that quite as much when we had these cameras. And we almost had to check our work with our phone like hey is this the right angle and the selfie would come out as well."

Babin’s whole idea behind the photo walk challenge was to encourage anybody with a creative mind to find ways to look back at the community.

Sher says, "I just like seeing the new parts of Peoria I never would have seen otherwise, like going into new places. I've been down all of these streets. I never have really gotten out on my feet and walked around."

Babin says, "There's a lot of character here and as it gets developed, who knows what it's gonna, what we're going to lose.”

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