People rally outside of Peoria County Election Commission Office, touting the Fair Tax

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Tuesday, about a dozen people rallied outside the Peoria County Election Commission Office.

They held signs that read, “Vote Yes For the Fair Tax.” The fair tax is an item on the ballot that could change how much Illinoisans pay in taxes.

The proposed amendment would change the current flat tax to graduated income tax.

If passed, the amount of taxes people pay will be based on their income.

Marvin Hightower with the NAACP Peoria Branch was one of the speakers at the rally, encouraging people to vote yes on the proposal.

“Our state has been one of the terrible 10 most regressive tax systems under which working people with lesser means pay nearly double what the very wealthy has paid in state and local taxes as a share of income,” Hightower said.

He said the flat tax is not fair, especially for low-income people.

Graciela Guzman, campaign director for Healthy Illinois was another rally host, who said the passed proposal will positively impact a lot of people.

Without this fair tax amendment because of the flat tax structure that’s in our constitution, every single person in Illinois will see our taxes raised without it, so we know this is an amazing start to putting our state in the right corner after the pandemic.

Graciela Guzman, Campaign Director for Healthy Illinois

We asked Graciela why the group chose to stand just feet away from the building. Her response was the group is within the guidelines and did not pass out literature.

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