People turning out in large numbers for early voting across Central Illinois

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Early voting is happening in big numbers throughout Central Illinois.

The beginning of the 2020 elections are off a to big start at the Peoria County Election Office.
Everybody was doing their best to stay away from each other and still exercise the right to vote.

With more than four times the amount of early voters compared to 2016. Executive Director Tom Bride said the attention around the election appears to have fired up some voters.

“I think there’s been a lot of build-up. There’s been just a tremendous amount of news, I think there’s enthusiasm and people have been impatient and waiting for it, waiting for it. I think they see other states have started voting, so they are just, they are ready to vote. So, the first day they all showed up,” said Bride.

The line stretching from the counter to the parking lot, everyone doing their part to keep others safe from the virus and still cast a ballot.

“Most people have taken the social distancing serious. We’re providing some hand sanitizer. We’ve got little finger cots for protection,” said Bride.

Voters said they are glad to see so much support at the polls.

“It’s been packed today. It’s cool to see that other people are out here actually coming to vote early regardless, so it’s nice,” said Andrew Dchann, an early voter.

“I’ve always waited till the day, so this is one of the few times I’ve voted early. And, I did it cause I thought there was gonna be a pretty significant rush on election day,” said Lou Benasi, another early voter.

Bride said each person is allowed one vote whether it’s through the mail or in person.

“You cannot double vote, and if you try to send the ballot back, we will know exactly that you sent it back. So, we’re telling people not to so they don’t get themselves in trouble,” said Bride.

Bride said the more early votes that are cast, the less problems they will face on election day.

Here are six local election commission websites for further information.

* Bloomington

* McLean County

* Woodford County

* Fulton County

* Tazewell County

* Peoria County

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