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Peoria air traffic controllers asking for government shutdown to end

PEORIA, IL - Sunday, local members of the National Air Traffic Controllers Association stood outside the baggage claim area in the Peoria International Airport to hand out pamphlets that explain the negative effects the government shutdown has on air safety, trainings for new employees and implementation of new technologies. 

The air traffic controllers help keep the sky safe and get airplane passengers safely to their destinations. However, they have been doing this with no pay for the past few weeks. They want the government shutdown to end because it's taking a toll on their finances. 

"A lot of people think we are for one side of a political party but we are really not. We're really just out here trying to get our paychecks for doing our job," said Brady Seei, NATCA representative.

The employees said their main purpose is to get the community's support by having them call their local congress members and ask them to help end the government shutdown. 

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