PEORIA, Ill. — Wednesday, the board of commissioners for the Peoria General Wayne A. Downing Airport voted to allow recreational marijuana to be carried in luggage.

This doesn’t mean travelers can smoke inside the airport because that would be a violation of Illinois law. However, it will be acceptable to travel with a legal amount.

Airport officials met with the Transportation Security Administration and spoke with other airports around the state before coming to a decision.

Gene Olson, Director of Airports, said upon finding correctly contained marijuana in suitcases or carry-ons, law enforcement will be called to determine if it is 30-grams or less.

“[In] other states where this has been legalized the law enforcement officer usually makes a determination as to whether it’s a legally allowable amount. If it is less than the amount that [is] legally allowed then that’s pretty much the end of it in most states,” Olson said.

He said it is the traveler’s responsibility to know whether recreational marijuana is legal at their final destination.