Peoria area dentists and optometrists go above and beyond to ensure safe place for patients

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Dentists and eye doctors are taking extra measures to ensure the safety of their patients during COVID-19.

The pandemic has been tough on all sorts of medical professionals, but some specialties are going above and beyond to create a safe environment for all.

Optometrists and dentists in the Peoria area are finding ways to safely treat patients.

Dr. Dennis Brtva at Peoria Eye Pro said there’s many measures now in place.

“We screen our patients first. We have them fill out all their health history forms online if they have access, or we interview them on the phone,” said Brtva.

Once the person is cleared, their temperature is taken before entering the building.

“Once we bring them in, we take them directly into a testing room. No one sits in the waiting room as far as that’s concerned,” said Brtva.

Dr. Brtva said those considered vulnerable to the virus shouldn’t be concerned about an eye appointment.

“Is there an urgent need? You broke your glasses, we’re gonna take care of you, we’ve got time set aside early in the morning, first appointments of the day, we’ve set aside for those people who are higher risk,” said Brtva.

If you notice a number on his shirt, that’s his temperature, taken twice a day, so you can rest easy.

It’s not just eye doctors facing challenges. Dr. Reza Vakili at Peoria Heights Dental Center said lots of cleaning is done to prevent contamination.

“Between each patient, we take time to break down the room, and put back the room back together again, sterilize everything,” said Vakili.

Vakili said he purchased a big air scrubber to clean the air in the exam room.

“This air scrubber will be up here basically, the aerosols that are created here will take it in and basically scrub it and sterilize and send it out,” said Vakili.”They are happy when they find out what I’m using, what precautions we take. They are very excited.”

Dental patients will be screened two weeks ahead of the visit and will be asked a list of COVID-19-related questions.

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