PEORIA, Ill.– A monthly pregnancy subscription box for expecting moms is celebrating its latest milestone by giving back to their employees.

The Peoria based company, Bump Boxes, launched their first subscription box in 2015. 

 “My goal is if we could take over the whole world then that’d be perfect,” said Terrell White, Bump Boxes employee. “I think this is a great idea. Two great people, Leland and Christine looking to help moms.”

Christine Deehring, CEO and Co-Founder, said that the company is profitable and growing rapidly. She adds, “We’re three years into Bump Boxes and we’ve only scratched the surface of what we’re intending to do. I shipped the first few boxes from the back of my car and now we’re on track to hit $20 million in annual revenue. Our team is at the core of it all and the stock option plan is the best way for me to invest into their futures and into the future of Peoria.”

Since then, it’s blossomed hitting $8 million in revenue with 32 emloyees.

The announcement follows the company’s first steps into locating a larger office and warehouse space. “We moved into our current office with the assumption that we would lease out some space to other startups. Instead, we grew so quickly that we’ve had to lease two additional buildings and add shipping containers behind the building to buy ourselves the room to grow,” said Leland Deehring, CIO and Co-Founder. 

Friday, the founding parents are offering a signing day for their employees to own company stocks.

“We want to actually help these moms the best way we can,” said White. “We want to make sure that when they receive this box that they receive love. It’s not just a box. It’s a box of love and we make sure every product in there is making them happy.”

Drew Chitwood, COO, also added, “Our secret weapon is our team. And the fact that we’re based here in Peoria. We’ve acquired a number of our competitors over the years simply because the type of talent required to build this business simply isn’t based anywhere but Peoria, Illinois. We’re hiring aggressively.”

About Bump Boxes

Bump Boxes is the largest, fastest growing subscription box for mom and baby. It finished 2018 with 32 employees and $8M in revenue. In 2019, it intends to hire another 30 team members and hit $20M in revenue.