PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– Employees of the Peoria Public Library held a demonstration outside of the Main Library Branch of N.E. Monroe St. on Tuesday evening.

Leaders of the demonstration hope that the public will be informed of the current ongoing negotiations between employees and management regarding pay raises.

Karla Wilkinson is a programming librarian and union steward representing the AFSCME Local 3464. She hopes a public forum will encourage library board members to take action.

“We want to work here. We like our jobs,” said Wilkinson. “Unfortunately, some of those do not feel that we can afford to work here much longer. We have employees making minimum wage, who are full-time, professional employees. And we don’t believe minimum wage is acceptable in a professional work place like this.”

The energy was palpable as dozens of picketers marched in front of the building, shouting chants and calling for action.

Every few minutes like clockwork, a barrage of horns would blare out from the street, showing support and solidarity for the picketers.