Peoria City Council approves security camera discount, liquor to be sold in theaters

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– The Peoria City Council Tuesday decided to allow the sale of alcohol in theaters and to provide discounted security cameras to homeowners.

Starting in April, Peoria neighbors will be able to buy alcohol during their showing.

Last council meeting leaders had three options to choose from when it came to allowing the sale of alcohol in movie theaters. During the first reading, the vote was 8-2 for option A, allowing the sale of alcohol at a bar counter.

The ordinance also states there will be a two-drink maximum and all theaters will have to display a sign that reads, “No alcoholic liquors sold or served between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.”

Also approved on Tuesday night’s meeting, neighbors will still be able to secure their home for a cheaper price.

The ordinance will allow Peoria residents to buy any security cameras for a discounted price as long as they will allow police full access. This will take about $29,000 from the general fund to compensate for the discount of the purchased cameras.

Council said allowing police access is an effort to reduce crime. Neighbors will only have to allow police access to their footage whenever a crime happens in their area.

Lastly, an amendment to the guidelines of the East Village TIF housing program was approved to allow the participation of non-owner occupied properties Tuesday.

Funds from the East Village TIF were originally only allocated for renovations of owner-occupied Properties. The program would provide a match up to $15,000 for exterior renovations.

Non-owner-occupied properties are eligible as long as they don’t owe the city any fines, have no code violations, have insurance, and are not designated a nuisance property.

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