PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD)– The Peoria City Council assembled to discuss issues ranging from sewer overflow to demolition for over three hours on Tuesday night.

Several agenda items were discussed and voted on. Notable items voted on are listed below.

Agenda Item 23-026 was a motion to approve a combined sewer overflow control project. The contract and low bid of Illinois Civil Contractors in the amount of $7,854,858.55 were approved unanimously.

Agenda Item 23-027 was a request to approve a contract with Green Demolition Contractors for the demolition of Harrison School. The motion was approved unanimously.

Agenda Item 23-029 was a motion to adopt a rezoning ordinance for sections of South-side Peoria. The motion would reclassify several Single Family Residential Districts (Class R-4) to Multi-family Residential Districts (Class R-8) on Shelley St. and W Antoinette St. Included was another motion to approve special use of townhomes in a Class R-4 district on S Sumner Ave. and W Antoinette St. The agenda item was approved with only Councilmember Kelly dissenting.