Peoria City Council considers tax levy for East Bluff

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PEORIA, Ill. – Neighbors in the East Bluff may soon be paying more in property taxes.

Peoria City Council members Tuesday voted unanimously to approve the first step in creating a Special Service Area for the East Bluff. Under the proposal, the levy would be $0.18 per $1,000 of property worth.

For example, according to the report, if you have a home valued at $50,000, you would pay an additional $30 a year.

Third District Councilman Tim Ribbenbach says the money would bring in new programs for the community, with the help of local organizations.

“I want it to be a neighborhood of choice where young families looking for their first home, that starter home for the single guys that are saying they want to live in the city, they’re saying where should I live, why not the East Bluff? We’ve got Glenn Oak Park we’ve got some great restaurants along Wisconsin, the best steak tacos in town you could say, so lets make this the neighborhood of choice.”

Councilman Tim Riggenbach

Riggenbach adds he wants to ensure city leaders don’t forget about the East Bluff. City leaders are working to confirm the total number of properties that would be affected, but do say there are several thousand in the area.

The vote was just a first step. A public hearing is scheduled for August 12, location and time are still to be determined. City leaders say they will let neighbors know about the hearing with flyers, and will also target East Bluff social media groups.

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