PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Several items were addressed during the Peoria Council meeting Tuesday.

Several community members came to argue against a short-term rental at 2305 East Grandview Avenue.

“We put the special use process in place so neighbors and resident who are going to be next to these short-term rentals can have their say and can voice their concerns to the city council… and in this case in particular where you have 95% of the surrounding residents and neighbors, 57 out of 60 houses against it, this body should be listening to those citizens and those residents,” Council Member Elizabeth Jenson said.

Council Member John Kelly said the short-term rental had his support due to meeting the requirements of the Planning and Zoning Commission.

“I think if someone follows the rules, then they ought to be approved,” Kely said. “These folks have followed the rules that we set up… so I will be in favor of this because I think these things should end at the zoning board.”

The motion passed seven to three with Council members Grayeb, Jackson and Jensen voting against it.

A second short-term rental on Knoxville was also approved nine to one, with Council Member Jackson voting against it.

A special use permit was also approved for a commercial adult-use cannabis dispensary at Willow Knolls Shopping Center. The permit was approved eight to two with Council Members Cyr and Jackson voting against it.

Council also unanimously filed the first reading of an ordinance for the Racial Equity Impact Assessment.

The full council meeting is available to watch online.