PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A Peoria City Council Executive Session will take place on Saturday, July 9th.

The call for an executive session comes after a heated discussion took place at Friday morning’s S-Net meeting. Two Peoria City Council members expressed their concerns about the legality of the S-Net trademark, how it was operated, and who owned the trademark: the city or Mayor Ali?

Councilmen Olyer said he believes Mayor Ali owned that trademark, but that this set of information was hidden from the council. He said he also believes that Ali tried to cover it up through the Peoria City Manager.

“It absolutely is, it’s very, very serious,” said Olyer. “Saturday morning we have an executive session to discuss this because it is very serious and how this has been handled is very serious.”

“You said there were some illegal things going on, and the city manager is covering it up? That’s pretty serious. That’s pretty serious, sir,” said Peoria Public Schools Vice-President, Martha Ross.

Peoria Mayor Rita Ali called these claims “some really bad accusations”

Ross suggested that the meeting happen on a Saturday so that the general public would be able to attend. Mayor Ali agreed.

“Open it up please, open it up, don’t have it closed, open it up. I would really like that meeting to be open,” said Ali.

WMBD will continue to follow this debate.