PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria City Council held a special meeting Tuesday, Jan. 18, to discuss redistricting of the five districts.

This was the first meeting for the council members to discuss the possible redistricting options, and many issues were brought up.

The council members were given three possibilities for the new districts.

Council member Denise Jackson wanted to ensure diversity in each district, while City Manager Patrick Urich mentioned it is difficult to rearrange the districts with the different number of people needed per district.

Councilmember Beth Jensen was troubled by neighborhoods being cut off in some versions of the maps and fellow council member Sid Ruckriegel raised concern over keeping districts together.

“Neighborhoods that we can keep together in the same district, whatever district they fall in, I think is important to be able to keep together,” he said.

The council members seemed to favor map options one and two, while version three was disliked amongst most of them. All three options can be seen above.

Josh Nave, the senior urban planner for the city of Peoria and creator of the maps, said there will be other versions at the next city council meeting on Tuesday, Feb. 1.