Peoria City Council to address proposal to increase fees to residents who violate property code

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The Peoria Code Enforcement inspectors have laid out a plan with Peoria City Manager Patrick Urich with the goal to keep property value up, and to better Peoria’s local neighborhoods.

Tuesday night’s city council meeting will address a proposal to increase fees for residents who leave trash on their property and let their grass grow over ten inches.    

The fees are projected to bring $110,000 to the city in 2019, and provide 3 part-time jobs in the summer.

These fees do not impact every resident, only those who break the city’s rules.

“The city regulation for city grass is ten inches, it takes a decent amount of time to get to ten inches.  The first step is to provide a warning notice, saying ‘hey you need to keep your grass cut’ and then if we do go back the second, third, fourth time, that’s when these fines and fees come into place,” said Joe Dulin.

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