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PEORIA, Ill — Peoria city officials spread out across the city to give thanks to everyone with a clean cut property. Monday, they kicked off a week-long initiative to encourage one another and give back to Peoria.

City officials say they want to give credit where credit is due.
Code enforcement crews went door-to-door monday handing out cards and a thank you to those keeping their property up to code.
Gayland ford with the city says he’s seen a variety of emotions from neighbors.

“A few reactions I thought was, they thought it was like a ticket, but I just told them we’re just here to appreciate you for maintaining your property,” said Gayland Ford, code aid for the city.

Most people don’t answer the door, but for the few that do, it’s a big surprise.

“It makes me feel good, because I love, it means I love my neighborhood, I love where I live at, and I just love being clean, I like being in a clean area,” said Laura Mays, on the receiving end of the greeting.

Laura Mays helps maintain a home near Ann street and says everyone should do their part in keeping a clean city.

“I think it’s good, nice of them to do that, but I think they should keep their yards clean, regardless. People don’t have to come out and tell them, you know, if you keep your yard clean, that means it’s a reflection on how you keep yourself and how you keep your house on the inside,” said Mays.

“We try to cover the whole entire Peoria if we can, but I feel like more up the hill, there are a lot more home owners, and so, just appreciate them a little more, then just appreciating the houses down here as well,” said Ford.

Tuesday morning, a litter clean up is scheduled for the Campus Town parking lot at the corner of Main and University.

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