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Peoria City/County Health Department will be using a new form for restaurant inspections

Currently, the Peoria City/County Health Department uses a 100-point system in which every restaurant receives a score based on its overall cleanliness and food safety.

But starting July 1st, the department will transition to a new system.

"The new form in the FDA model food code bases their inspection on food-borne illness risk factors and public health interventions," says Carey Panier, assistant director of environmental health at Peoria City/County Health Department.

Instead of scoring restaurants, inspectors will use a 45-item checklist to see whether a restaurant is up to code.

"This will focus more on prevention of those risk factor violations and preventing repeat violations throughout the inspection," says Panier.

With this new form, inspectors will go more in-depth and check to make sure specific criteria in a category are up to code.

"The more risk factors identified would mean [restaurants] would be more apt to contribute to food-borne illness at that establishment," says Panier.

Although the new form goes into effect July 1st, it will take a little longer for the department's team to get acclimated to the new system.

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