PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) – Dozens of guns were turned in during a buyback event this weekend in Peoria.

For survivors of gun violence like Yolanda Wallace, who lost her son Jon Buckley in 2006, the pain left behind leaves a lingering impact.

“People don’t realize when you kill somebody, you leave a scar for the family to pick up,” Wallace said.

On Mother’s Day weekend, local women impacted by gun violence hosted a gun buyback, alongside various community leaders including clergy.

The event allowed community members to trade in guns for gift cards.

“I know it’s not going to stop it but it will at least send the message, as mothers, we want the guns off the street,” Wallace said.

Peoria Police said 47 guns were brought-in during Saturday’s event.

“When you talk about 47 guns it could potentially be 47 lives,” Chief Eric Echevarria, Peoria Police Department.

Echevarria said while the guns traded in may not be the ones used in violent crime, now they never have that potential.

“Nobody can go and steal them, they can’t get into the wrong hands and they can’t be accidentally used,” Echevarria said.

Echevarria said the event is a piece of the puzzle in making Peoria safer.

“We have community members who decided to make an effort to get involved, they’re not sitting behind, they’re not looking from the benches, they’re saying what can we do,” Echevarria said.

Wallace said it’s her hope that no woman loses her child at the hands of gun violence.

“We don’t want to see another mother have to deal with what we had to deal with if we can help it,” Wallace said.

Chief Echevarria said the guns turned in will be destroyed.

Wallace said more gun buybacks have been suggested and that will depend on donors, which played a big role in making the past weekend’s event possible.