Peoria Council approves budget for more home security cameras, moves forward with alcohol in theaters

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Peoria City Council is moving forward with two decisions after Tuesday night’s council meeting.

Peoria neighbors who wish to buy home security cameras at a discounted price will have to allow police full access; the council voted to approve an ordinance that will take roughly $29,000 from the general fund to compensate for the discount of the purchase of any security cameras. This will allow homeowners to continue to buy security cameras at a discounted price.

In efforts to reduce crime, neighbors who buy through the city at a discounted rate will have to allow police to access the camera footage whenever a crime happens in their area.

This program we’re opening it up to all the different security systems, so as long as they keep their receipt and have proof that they’ve installed them we haven’t worked out all the details yet, but it’s a great program that the rest of the city council thinks will make a big difference in our community.

Councilman Jim Montelongo, Peoria City Council

Also, during the council meeting, Rita Ali and Chuck Grayeb were against allowing the sale of alcohol at a movie theater.

One of our biggest issues in this community is the abuse of alcohol. I just don’t see this as being something in the best interest of the movie theaters or the families that go to the movie theaters.

Councilman Chuck Grayeb, Peoria City Council

Councilman Denis Cyr supports alcohol sales in the theater and said it could help business.

My wife and I are movie goers. Business has been declining, they’re trying to get adults back into theaters and I just don’t want to see anymore empty boxes, especially in my districts. I think I owe them an opportunity to maybe increase their sales.

Councilman Denis Cyr, Peoria City Council

During the first reading, council members had three options to choose from when it came to allowing the sale of alcohol in movie theaters. The vote was 8-2 for option A, allowing the sale of alcohol at a bar counter, which would require alcohol to be severed in single-serving containers.

To ensure minors aren’t drinking alcohol during the movie, the containers will be different sizes and designed differently from non-alcoholic beverages. Two alcoholic beverages would be the limit.

Council said this option is similar to what is currently allowed at the Peoria River Front Museum.

A final decision will be March 10.

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