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Peoria council approves contract with PDC for waste disposal

PEORIA, Ill - Some updates will soon be coming to your garbage and recycling pick up. Tonight Peoria council members held a meeting to discuss the ins and outs before making a final decision.

Since October council members have been juggling a number of contract bids but tonight the city stuck with who they’ve been working with for the past 9 years, PDC.

The city had four different options, but in the end say PDC was the best choice.Several residents made it clear that they’ve had no issues with them, saying its hard to argue with 9 years of good work. Also the company is offering a number of incentives on this new contract,including 14 cent reduction in trash fees and twice a month recycling.

“I think that its all in all a good decision”, said Peoria Mayor Jim Ardis, “I think the city manager and his team did a good job of saving us money over the term of the contract.”

Before the contract starts on July 1st a number of questions still loom, including will residents get their money back for their recycling bin deposit?

Several council members also posed questions about minority hiring. City manager Patrick Urich says he plans to address all of this with PDC immediately.

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