Peoria Council still debating potential budget cuts

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Budget cuts still loom for City of Peoria employees. Potential budget cuts on the table will impact city employee’s pockets heavily.

Instead of taking 88 hours of furloughs, City Manager Patrick Urich is proposing 40 hours instead, employees could also one vacation day to supplement those hours. The proposed 40 hours must be taken between Labor Day and Veteran’s Day.

Nonetheless, Urich made it clear regardless of the number of furloughed hours, layoffs still loom as well. Currently the City Manager estimates 4 layoffs along with 5 positions that would stay vacant.

“We should be willing to join in the sacrifice,” said Councilman Sid Ruckriegel. “I would like the City Manager to bring back a proposal that addresses the wages, pensions, and the healthcare costs that we as city council members receive for our part time role around this horseshoe.”

This proposal must still be agreed upon by unions that represent city employees. If unions don’t agree with this proposal there is a possibility for more layoffs on the table to help balance the city’s budget.  

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