Peoria Councilman Tim Riggenbach seeking re-election for District 3

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PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — A Peoria councilman is looking to keep his seat on the city council in the upcoming election.

Tim Riggenbach, District Three representative, announced Friday that he’s going after his fourth term representing the district in 2021.

“I feel like in the last number of years that I’ve been councilman, I’ve been able to make an impact and help affect some change and empower some people, build some coalitions and I want to continue that for another four years,” Riggenbach said.

Riggenbach has represented the district since 2009. He said being in public office for as long as he has, there have been times where he’s questioned whether or not to continue, but he said he believes he still has more to give to the community.

“I think I’m making an impact,” Riggenbach said. “I think I’ve built some relationships with folks in the neighborhoods and the business community and the labor organizations that are valuable and I really think that I still have something to offer and there’s still work to be done.”

He said there are many existing and upcoming projects happening in the East Bluff that he’s proud of and wants to continue supporting such as OSF redeveloping the Cub Food location, the 30 new residences being constructed by Peoria Opportunities Foundation, and improving Nebraska Avenue from Knoxville over to Wisconsin.

“These wouldn’t be possible without the dedicated volunteers and I want to do whatever I can to support them,” Riggenbach said. “We have a lot of things happening in this city and there’s a lot of things happening in the third district, the East Bluff, the Keller’s Station project, the district has things happening in Donovan.”

Riggenbach also acknowledged issues happening on a national level, such as problems with race relations, and said it’s obvious Peoria also has its own issues. He said these are things that can’t be overlooked.

“I think that the first step in this process is to admit that there’s issues and problems and sit down and have that cup of coffee your neighbor and the people that you might not necessarily understand where they’re coming from,” Riggenbach said. “Building bridges is an important part.”

After the news of current mayor Jim Ardis announcing he’s not seeking re-election in 2021, Riggenbach said he’s embracing the change.

“There’s going to be a lot of robust dialogues and having some new faces and some different input, that’s going to be good for all of us,” Riggenbach said. “The most important thing, and I tell it to my kids, is you have to keep learning and don’t be afraid to open your eyes to new opportunities and don’t be afraid to embrace change.”

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